Old friend better than two new ones: a Review of FIFA 20

Old friend better than two new ones: a Review of FIFA 20

Every year we gather here and talk about the new part of football simulator FIFA. I continue to be amazed how it changes over time, for sports games is an important indicator. Gamers far from the football definitely will argue, I will say that for me there is nothing we sell the same game. No. In its submission, Ilya shared experiences as someone who loves this game, but returns to her regularly, with a break of one to two years. I never missed a single game in the series since 2005 and will tell you why the canadian Studio of EA Vancouver copes, disassemble the changes and will explain what is FIFA Street.

the First changes in each new installment of this series always begin with sensations. FIFA 20 in comparison with the predecessor became heavier and faster at the same time. The players and the ball now weighs more like — this is a basic adjustment of the balance and the physics that the developers are making each year. It may seem that this is immaterial, however, everything is relative: now, remembering FIFA 16, I have a mild internal discomfort — it was a good game but the ball and the players in it now are on the air. For me the thrill of movement and speed of the football simulator define the style of the game. Now it is visually like never before similar to television broadcast. It should be understood that the revolution did not happen — FIFA 20, probably the last or penultimate part of the series on the current generation of consoles and tangible qualitative leap we can wait a couple of years.

the Trend to minor but pleasant changes in every aspect of the game. Updated menu and the compositions of individual modes received additional chips. In Career mode, for example, there was a press conference where a coach can push a motivating speech, lifting the mood of the team. In addition, you can create your coach and customize it a unique appearance. Now, these “chips” are pleasant and complement the gameplay, but they could be in the game a year ago or even earlier. The developers probably were saving it for last, like a few other things.

the FIFA Ultimate Team Mode, which in recent years is the driving force of the series desperately needs change. FIFA 20 it works for already verified and fixed formulas the desire to go back there — it’s still the same market with cards, which is simpler to pay for Outbox than to achieve a result otherwise. I sincerely hope that with the release of the new generation of consoles will come up with something innovative, addictive and I want to go back there.

luckily, this year, FIFA 20 offers an interesting alternative — mode Volta to replace the history of a young football player Alex hunter, the fate and career of which we’ve been following the last three years. From large stadiums with tens of thousands of football spectators moved to the streets. Here, in honor not only coordinated team play, but individual technique. For example, in a closed area you can always count on a good ricochet from the sides and subsequent dramatic end. The tempo here is incredible, the ball and then passes from one team to another, are goals more likely. This is a tribute to a series of FIFA Street, which was closed in 2012 due to low popularity. Now, seven years later, it is very nice to be back, although I am sure that you will not remain there.

Mode Volta offers three format of games: 3×3, 4×4 and 5×5. No particular difference, but the less people on the field, the more emphasis has to be on individual skills and feints to the detriment of team play. For the 5×5 format the secret of success turns in the opposite direction — more pass, rely on a friend and you will succeed. Some tactical depth in this mode, to fully get used to it for a couple of hours.

for a few hours Volta interest will fuel the story arc, where, together with the street soccer teams are given the opportunity to ride the best areas in the world, to observe the average quality drama and just nice to kick the ball. That’s fine, but as in the case of FIFA Ultimate Team, the gamers have the full right in the next few releases to expect revolutionary innovation.

introducing FIFA 20 I started in the company of his best friend. We played four games over the network: in one I won, other two ended in a draw. The first thing that caught my eye is the updated penalties and free kicks. Now during these “standards” on the screen looming white circle should be reflective of the approximate trajectory of the ball, but there it was. At the first attempt and all subsequent I never learned with a 100% chance to understand how and where the ball will fly. This disease has plagued the series for years. Standard terms always carry the element of chance and that’s fine, but the bottom line is the mechanic should be intuitive, and it can not achieve.

Another unpleasant surprise was the lack of in-game Italian club Juventus, Yes, the same who plays Cristiano Ronaldo. Instead, there is a club that replaces the “Old lady”. I understand that the problem is the place to be for FIFA licenses for the use of clubs and emblems, but the series has always been the flagship and the absence of the champion of Italy looks like a big omission. Not enough and Russia, which is presented only in the Champions League. This is another nice innovation 20 part. Now the most important European tournament and win the “big-eared Cup” career mode will be exactly your goal, if you like this mode.

FIFA 20 comes out at the end of the generation, and closes the EA Sports plan for the development of the series. All innovations that we were waiting for came a few years ago, now only cosmetic repairs. Despite this, the next number part is played quite fresh that it was worth paying attention to. Professionals and fans of the series — mandatory, for the rest there are sales. In a few years we will certainly have occasion to discuss about the long list of innovations, and now we can enjoy a strong craft work made by EA Vancouver for the FIFA 20.


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