Players are faced with problems in career mode FIFA 20

Players are faced with problems in career mode FIFA 20

a Few days ago, the release of the football simulator FIFA 20, and some players have already faced challenges in career mode.

Users wrote thread on Reddit, where he described all the bugs they encountered. For example, players complained about the automatic change of the position of the player after you edit, duplicate and incorrect questions at press conferences and artificial intelligence managing top clubs are bottom of the table. Fans were so unhappy with the problems that the hashtag #FixCareerMode hit trending on Twitter.

EA has responded to this by launching the blog with questions and answers on the game forum, where he promised to reveal all the bugs and fix them. However, according to the Manager of the company on public relations Corey Andres, it will take some time, and patches with bug fixes will be released “immediately”.

Because the career mode in FIFA 20 is oriented to customers (offline), we need to make corrections. It takes time to find the problem, fix it, test and then confirm. The first patch for the game already done, so we will not be able to add in changes associated with a career mode.

FIFA 20 is already available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.


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