It became known when it will be possible to play FIFA 20 for free

It became known when it will be possible to play FIFA 20 for free

An image appeared on Reddit that sheds light on the demo version of the FIFA 20 football simulator. Its release date is smeared in a graphical editor, but is still readable – September 12th.

As for the other game modes and mechanics, everything remains almost unchanged in them, if you do not take into account minor improvements, of course. Now football players of even the highest rank are more likely to lose yut the ball if they make an annoying mistake. The behavior of the players, in turn, is even closer to reality. Previously, a slow defender easily caught up with a fast forward. Now such ridiculous situations do not occur.

In addition, new movements and feints appeared, but, unfortunately, there were problems from the past parts. For example, the so-called kick-offs have not disappeared, when after a missed goal a player from the center of the field can easily run to the opponent’s goal and score a return ball. Also, there is still a problem with the imbalance of some feints, which makes it literally impossible to take the ball away from football players, whose special tricks have five stars. This significantly destroys the balance in matches and does not fit into the concept of “football simulator”.


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