FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Web App and FIFA 20 Companion App Released

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Web App and FIFA 20 Companion App Released

Electronic Arts has announced the launch date of companion apps for the FIFA 20 football simulator, which was released today on August 27. So the FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Web App will be launched on September 18, 2019. For.

Other changes include updated penalties and penalties. When a football player prepares to take a shot, it is necessary not only to choose his direction, but also to hold the stick in the right place until he touches the ball. Otherwise, the player may not get on goal. This change introduced additional realism, but at the same time complicated the gameplay.

In FIFA 20, developers have for some time added some innovations to the Career mode. The game has an advanced character editor (many options for appearance) and a press conference. Now, after the match, team members can give comments to reporters, which can affect the mood inside the club. For example, a coach can scold or praise football players. Alas, the answer options are too few and they are often repeated, which is why the dialogues quickly get bored. The niche mode “Professionals Clubs” has suddenly been updated, in which each player online takes on the role of a separate football player. There are new perks for the development of players. Unfortunately, nothing global has been added.


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