EA banned utuber in all games and online services for threats and criticism

EA banned utuber in all games and online services for threats and criticism

Electronic Arts has banned professional FIFA player Kurt Kurt0411 Fenech. The company has blocked the gamer in all of their games and even online services. This step EA went after Fenech direct threats against the employees of the company.

the Player is already several years actively criticizing the FIFA franchise and the developers themselves. During one broadcast Fenech spat on a scarf with the logo of EA. For such behavior, the company banned him last year from participating in any official competitions.

Later, the employees found that they have hacked Twitter accounts, and one of them even got a message of apology and rabbanim Fenech. Of course, nothing like EA did, so the player continued to threaten staff, incited others and recorded Diss company.

Today, EA has responded to the situation, banned Kurt not only in FIFA but in all games.

Kurt continued to post threatening messages and videos about the EA employees and professional players in social networks. He incited others to do the same.

His message was out of line and become direct threats that violate our “terms of use”. We will not tolerate threats. So today EA account Kurt0411 will be banned forever.

the Community was divided into two camps. Some have supported EA and the company’s decision on the suspension of a player who has openly threatened the staff. Other noted that EA has not provided sufficient evidence.


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