New lawsuits claim that FIFA 20 — gambling

New lawsuits claim that FIFA 20 — gambling

a Protracted conflict EA with some European countries may continue in the near future. In France, filed two separate lawsuits in which the developers of FIFA 20 accused that they created unregulated gambling.

GFFN reports that two lawyers from Paris, sue in court on behalf of the players, who argue that the only way to win in the Ultimate Team mode is to spend real money on packs with random players.

Victor Zaguri, one of the lawyers commented on the lawsuits:

In this game, everyone wants to have a dream team to go as far as possible. My client spent €600 for five months without receiving a major player. The developers of this game mode made an illusory and addictive system: the more you pay, the more chances you have to get strong players.

We believe that this is a form of gambling, and the purchase of packs — no more than bets. The casino at home. Today is 11-12-year-old boy can without any restrictions to play in the FIFA Ultimate Team and spending money, because in this mode there is no system of parental control.

the Customer also said that it spent €600 on Ultimate Team packs and the best player he got was Kostas Manolas from Napoli.

I didn’t even know it! Have invested so much money in order to get Manolas. Friends contributed €2000-3000, it’s crazy. The amount I spent, made me defer lease payments.

on the one hand, the system of luchboxes really is random and encourage them to spend, on the other, the client spent the money and couldn’t stop. He could squander them in a normal casino. Not all the millions of players in FIFA spend so much money that can’t pay for rent.


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