First FIFA 20 gameplay

First FIFA 20 gameplay

The network has a 15-minute video gameplay FIFA 20, which shows the match between the clubs Liverpool and Real Madrid.

They made changes to the career mode for the player, making a curtsy and towards the fans of the single player mode. Noticeable changes to all in this mode are not so many, and they relate only to the new character editor. This mode is very popular and is made on a solid “five”. Four variants of seasonal tasks are introduced into it: daily, weekly, seasonal and dynamic. For their implementation, the player receives new levels and a variety of rewards.

For the first time in the Ultimate Team, the mode of friendly matches has appeared. It can be played on the local network and online. In this mode, contracts are not spent and the physical form of the players does not change, and the received cards and injuries are not transferred to the next match. Thus, nothing affects the overall standings of your success. In addition to the standard 11×11 match, you can choose your own rules match mode.


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