EA canceled all eSports events, and asks the employees to work from home

EA canceled all eSports events, and asks the employees to work from home

EA has released two official letters to the community, relating to coronavirus. The company has canceled all of this year’s event with the participation of a live audience, and asked their employees to work from home.

About the abolition of certain events, EA announced earlier, but now it applies to all events without exception.

due To the fact that throughout the world there is a lot of changes aimed at limiting the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, we announce the suspension of all LAN tournaments.

Temporarily pending major Global Legends Series at the Apex, Global Series on FIFA 20 Global Championship Series for Madden NFL 20. In the history of the Championships also include competitions, managed or run under license by EA.

Online tournaments in which you can participate remotely, will continue.

with regard to the treatment of employees, then it is said about the creation of a dedicated team inside of EA, which monitors the spread of the pandemic. Currently, the situation has worsened in North America, Europe and Australia.

There are staff encouraged to work from home at least until 1 April. In Shanghai and Singapore working modes gradually come back to normal, but in Seoul and Milan offices are still closed.

the Data changes in the workday schedule should not affect the EA releases and updates.


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