FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Web App Launched

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Web App Launched

Today, an online application has become available for the upcoming FIFA 20, and in particular for the Ultimate Team mode, which will help in managing many aspects of the FUT mode. And on September 20, a similar application will be released for mobile devices called FIFA.

In terms of developing stadiums and extras, EA fans are still unrivaled, but they still cope with a decent drawing of the players themselves only occasionally. Of course, stars of the Mbappe or Messi level are recreated well, but most players from smaller clubs tend to look much worse. Although sometimes it goes to celebrities: some Bernardeschi also looks terrible as bad.

But, of course, the main novelty of FIFA 20 is the Volta mode, which has every chance to take the place of the Ultimate Team and become the main reason to buy the game for tens of thousands of users. Old fans will call him the heir to FIFA Street, but this time EA Sports not only remembered street football as a separate discipline, but carefully entered it into the already working mechanism of the main game. Therefore, even if you buy FIFA for the first time and decide to start your acquaintance not with a match in any Champions League, but with a street confrontation, you will still calmly pour in big football.


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