EA Sports has published a list of stadiums in FIFA 20

EA Sports has published a list of stadiums in FIFA 20

Opening Arena – the only stadium in FIFA 20. Italy has two stadiums, France – three

And if the main game slowed down, then in Volta everything on the contrary happens at a wild speed – largely due to the reduced field and reduced lineups. Here you can play in the format 3 on 3, 4 on 4 or even 5 on 5, and the dynamics and tactics vary markedly depending on the number of people on the field. But matches 3 by 3 are probably the craziest of all: there are no penalties, no offsides, or even goalkeepers. Although, in fairness, the local gates are also much smaller than their counterparts from “serious” football.

At first, it might seem that Volta is just a dumb chopper, where the ball flies randomly from one corner of the field to another, but literally after a couple of matches you understand that in terms of mechanics it’s still the same football as in the main game. The same feints and strokes that you learned a couple of parts ago can be successfully applied here as well – just because of the sharply increased pace of the game, you have to act much faster.


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