EA Play 2020: FIFA 20 – Gameplay – Get ready to open new horizons

EA Play 2020: FIFA 20 – Gameplay – Get ready to open new horizons

Get ready to open new horizons at EA SPORTS VOLTA Football starting September 27th – on that day, the FIFA 20 will go on sale on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

In FIFA 19, even a separate menu has been allocated for the Champions League. You will be able to play both the full tournament and start from a certain stage – the group stage or immediately start the playoffs. The Champions League entourage is in place – as soon as the teams enter the field from the tribune room and become in the center, the famous Champions League anthem plays, and during the match, advertising of Sony (the official sponsor of the League) and other UEFA Champions League sponsors are shown on advertising boards. . After the tournament, as expected, the winning team receives the Cup. And it’s great that now in the main football simulator you can feel all this amazing atmosphere on yourself.

Journey mode, which first appeared in FIFA 17, received the third and final part. In it, the main character Alex Hunter leaves his native club Manchester United and signs a contract with the winner of the Champions League over the past 3 years – Real Madrid. They say that EA had to hurry to remake this mode – the main star of Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo left the club and moved to Turin Juventus.


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