FIFA 20 Released Champions and Ultimate Editions Available

FIFA 20 Released Champions and Ultimate Editions Available

On the night of September 23-24, the FIFA 20 release took place. Players have access to the Champions Edition and Ultimate Edition. The standard edition will be released on September 27.

The Journey mode (“History” in the Russian version), which debuted last year, was a pleasant surprise. In the previous part, the story mode turned out to be a strong sports drama, which for the second time definitely could not surprise. The general mood remained the same: Alex Hunter succeeds through professional and family schools. But in the details, the campaign cleverly balances between inspirational cues, unsuccessful decisions and dialogues with Ronaldo and Thierry Henry. “History” has become much more diverse both in general events and in gameplay.

Of course, you will also have a long training-performance-repeat period, but the developers diluted this routine with two things. Firstly, there were achievements in the course of the chapter – for example, to score a goal in the first match. Secondly, Hunter can be customized. For success in his career, the character becomes available new hairstyles, tattoos and clothing. At the same time, not only the player’s appearance during his campaigns in the dining room is regulated, but also his sports uniform.


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