Users smash FIFA 20 on Metacritic

Users smash FIFA 20 on Metacritic

For many years now, the FIFA series has remained the best-selling among sports simulators and has good reviews and ratings from both the press and players. But this year, something went wrong. The thing is.

In general, the authors of the campaign want to say Thank you for the well-conveyed atmosphere of street football. Yes, the “History” ends pretty quickly, but each chapter in it is unique – both in terms of characters (among which there are really existing stars of this sport), and in terms of locations. One level in Rio de Janeiro, where children from the favelas act as opponents on the field, what a price!

The gameplay does not lag behind the script: real football madness takes place on the site – everything is fast, beautiful and very effective. Fints, strokes, graceful shots and passes, the almost complete absence of any rules – pure gameplay and nothing more. Watching and participating in matches is a pleasure in the campaign and in multiplayer. There is a fairly large selection of modes – from the simplest blitz 3 x 3, with bounces from the walls and tiny gates, to full-fledged mini-football. But much more attention is paid to the customization of players – various clothes, a bunch of emblems for the team, celebration of goals, tattoos and change of hairstyles – again the very service that we already talked about.


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