FIFA 20 ranks first in UK sales

FIFA 20 ranks first in UK sales

The start of FIFA 20 is the best this year. The past leader was Borderlands 3, which did not hold this status for very long. 61% of copies sold on PS4, 38% on Xbox One, 1% on Switch (Legacy Edition p.

Connoisseurs of the series, of course, should remember FIFA Street, an offshoot of four parts, the last of which came out seven years ago. VOLTA is not just a return to the ideas of football on the streets according to the original rules, but also a potential competitor to the Ultimate Team, no matter how loud it sounds.

The story campaign tells about the beginner team of street football players, which broke up due to injury to their leader. Dreams of participating in the street football world championship crashed, only a couple of the most devoted friends (including the main character) remained with the captain, and the only way out was to manage to assemble a team by participating in tournaments around the world. The standard seemingly plot scenario, but by the end the scriptwriters were able to surprise a little, introducing a somewhat unobvious conflict into the story.


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