Footballers banned from playing FIFA

Footballers banned from playing FIFA

According to the British Independent magazine, the leadership of the club of the First League of England “Leighton Orient” (the third oldest division of England) forbade their players to play FIFA

According to the club’s press attaché, players spend a lot of time on a new game from EA Games, skipping workouts and meetings. The team won the first eight matches of the championship, but then began to lose points, and the leadership believes that the sports simulator is to blame. From now on, on the day of matches, players are strictly forbidden to play FIFA 14 and spend as little time as possible on a virtual field. Now Leighton is still in first place in its league, just one point ahead of its pursuer, and the club management hopes that the team will come out of the crisis before losing its leading position.

Of course, all this is more like a PR move from Electronic Arts, that even professional footballers “spend days” cutting themselves into a new “fifu”, and this even harms their results. But many sports professionals have often admitted that they love EA sports simulators very much.


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