First FIFA 20 Gameplay Demonstration

First FIFA 20 Gameplay Demonstration

Soon, users will be able to enjoy the next series of FIFA 20 football simulations. And on the NepentheZ YouTube channel, the first recording of the gameplay of the upcoming novelty appeared. By comparison, the match was presented between the clubs Liverpool and Real Madrid. Unfortunately, the match ended ‘dry.

Last year, fans of this mode as children rejoiced at the return to the game of the licensed Champions League. FIFA 20 has even more changes. First of all, they touched on the personalization of the team in the career of a coach. Communication with players and journalists at press conferences before and after matches is now available. Depending on the answers, the mood of the players and the team changes, which is displayed as a “smiley”. The mood is affected by salary, game quality, status, club location in the standings and a number of other factors.

This is very important, because the mood affects success in upcoming matches. Now for the development of the player meets the dynamic potential, which varies depending on the level of his game. Over time, a football player can become a coach. Many have thought and talked about this for a long time. Now it really brings the game even more realism. For example, you can start a career as a coach for any active football player, select “end career” in the player’s options menu and thereby retrain as a coach.


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