FIFA 20 will receive an analogue of a combat pass

FIFA 20 will receive an analogue of a combat pass

The Ultimate Team mode for FIFA is unloved by many gamers and journalists due to the use of lootboxes, but you will not refuse him the rank of one of the main sources of large numbers in EA reports. In the upcoming FIFA 20 it is going to several.

My relationship with the FIFA series of games is extremely specific. I was very interested in virtual football in the beginning and in the middle of the two thousandth, but then my love for the series somehow subsided. Once a year or two, I still started a new part for a couple of hours, but there was no real desire to return to the game. Until the summer of 2017, when I managed to “try it out”. Then it became clear: the next, Fifu is definitely worth the wait!

By and large, the FIFA series only slightly evolves from year to year, diluting the usual mechanics with new “chips”, techniques and updating the composition of teams to the current state. Most fans have enough of this, but FIFA 18 is slightly different in comparison with its predecessors.


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