EA introduced the legends that will be in FIFA 20

EA introduced the legends that will be in FIFA 20

Today, EA introduced the list of legends (ICON) that will be present in FIFA 20, but I want to make a reservation right away, the list is not complete, the full list will be announced a little later. EA promise to surprise users, so we are waiting.

It’s worth starting with the fact that this game has a full story mode. Yes, he appeared in FIFA 17, but here the story of the protagonist Alex Hunter was continued. If in the previous part we were shown the formation of Alex as a football player, now our hero is moving on and wants to determine his place in this world, to prove that his success was not accidental. That he is a professional, worthy to stand on a par with the best players on the planet. In addition, you are waiting for other playable characters, in addition to Alex. Customization was added to the game, the absence of which in the last part was somewhat frustrating. Our football player can change clothes, shoes, hair and even get a tattoo. I didn’t just start the story by mentioning the plot, because in this regard, the developers use a long-tested scheme: they gradually improve what is in the game, bringing every aspect to perfection. And this evolution in the new part of the game touched almost every element.

Let’s start with the gameplay. If you compare FIFA 18 with the previous game, then the players have become more … heavy, or something. Each character has inertia, acceleration speed and a host of characteristics that the game engine calculates. Moreover, each person does not slide into a set of “stripes” indicating characteristics. Say, two football players with approximately the same speed, but with different growths, will behave differently on the field.


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