FIFA 20 History Mode Details

FIFA 20 History Mode Details

The Journey story mode was introduced in the last three parts of the FIFA series, in which players could appreciate all the ups and downs of young football player Alex Hunter. Managing it, gamers had to train, play matches. give interviews and.

The final chapter of “History” is presented in FIFA 19 on a familiar scale: where else will you see guest stars of the level of Paulo Dybala, Kevin De Bruyne, as well as Hans Zimmer as a composer? British geek Alex Hunter is still given the lead role in the plot, but not the only one. Almost on an equal footing with him, the screen space is shared by his half-sister Kim and the charming gouging Danny Williams.

Three storylines develop in parallel, but almost independently of each other. While Alex in Madrid is trying to gain a foothold in the “Real”, Kim in the United States makes friendship with the star of the US national team Alex Morgan, and meanwhile Williams is not easy to bring to the Premier League club. You can switch between stories at any time, or concentrate on one.


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