New FIFA 20 trailer released: What have we been shown in it?

New FIFA 20 trailer released: What have we been shown in it?

Hello! EA rolled out another FIFA 20 trailer. This time it is entirely dedicated to the Bundesliga. Let’s look at it, check out what kind of things they promise in it and discuss what we saw in the comments. Recall.

Another novelty – the active touch system – expands the list of tricks at the first touch. For example, if before an inaccurate pass somewhere in the back led to a rebound and loss, now the script is triggered – the player in the jump, bending his knees, throws the ball further outside the foot. Football players can also lead it, throwing their heads, chests and knees, minting them in motion, and not just on the spot. Although such tricks do not change the nature of working with the ball, they are spectacular and allow you to process the gear on the go or strike with a rebound.

You can test the system in action in offline matches: their range is the richest in 25 years of FIFA history. In addition to the single fight there are series of up to several victories, finals of licensed cups (no need to start from the group stage or playoffs). But first of all, look at the section with unusual rules. So, in “Dalnoboye”, a penalty goal scored from outside is counted as two, and in another type of match only accurate header hits from the summer, from standard positions and from the penalty spot are taken into account.


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