FIFA 20 already sold in the amount of 10 million

FIFA 20 already sold in the amount of 10 million

16 days have passed since the release of FIFA 20. Over 10 million people have already acquired it.

The scenes with press conferences and negotiations were filmed, but they were too lazy to add voices for them or could not, leaving only subtitles. Keeping deathly silence, journalists, agents and players to match the silent coach – it all looks a little frightening. Apparently, that’s why the players of the team communicate with the authorities (that is, with us) through the messenger – for example, they ask to be released on the field in the starting lineup. The system is the same – we smooth the corners so as not to lose the mood on which the key characteristics of the players depend.

The second important career change is the player’s dynamic potential. In simple words, the rating of our wards will vary depending on their success on the field. Eternally sitting on a bench grow worse in class, and a veteran who has piled up a bunch of goals will allow you to postpone your own retirement – even a bit of realism will not hurt even FIFA.


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