Pro FIFA 20 player accuses EA of draining personal data

Pro FIFA 20 player accuses EA of draining personal data

Professional player Kurt Kurt0411 Fenech tweeted that Electronic Arts does not protect the personal data of FIFA 20 users. According to him, anyone could get access to information about those who registered in the Global Series.

Of course, it was not without bugs – for example, rivals like to put up reserve teams for matches even in fundamentally important meetings. Corrected, probably, after a couple of months. Oh yes, I almost forgot – the coach may be female. Real Madrid, run by a beautiful girl – what could be better?

It is unlikely that anyone will be surprised if he finds out that there is almost nothing to say about changes directly in the gameplay. Yes, EA Sports habitually speaks of “new ball control”, “improved movements” and other innovations due to which “football has become even more realistic”, but, having felt the novelty with your own hands, it is unlikely to immediately distinguish it from its predecessor. Of the most noticeable ones, we again redid the standards, slightly complicated the selection of the ball (now it is more often lost in inaccurate gears, rather than in close contact) and added the possibility of preparatory contact for a more accurate hit or pass.


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