EA removes forum posts from players trying to hide FIFA 20 issues

EA removes forum posts from players trying to hide FIFA 20 issues

The official release of FIFA 20 took place on September 27. Many players gained access to the new version of the EA Sports football simulator a few days earlier, thanks to EA Access and Origin Access subscriptions. Therefore, they had the opportunity not.

I’m not too lazy to once again repeat the obvious fact: FIFA is not about realism. It’s bad that the players do not understand this, continuing to criticize the creators of the futsim because they don’t want to change the arcade, in some places funny, and in some places infuriating gameplay in favor of realism. It’s good that the developers stopped shy of this arcade, directing development towards even more fun – VOLTA, from which everything related to big football was thrown out, is a vivid example of this. But what about realism? Play PES, or better yet, Football Manager.

And let FIFA still remain a hybrid of the casino and the Ultimate Team auction – VOLTA is enough for “Commendable”. Pros: FIFA’s usual pluses – a huge number of licensed leagues, stadiums and football player outfits; killer soundtrack; various modes to which the original and fresh VOLTA was added. Cons: the usual FIFA cons – unrealistic gameplay, few changes, and those that are are not always thought out; bugs and low efficiency of their correction.


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