FIFA 20 – Get to the Next Level | Official trailer

FIFA 20 – Get to the Next Level | Official trailer

FIFA 20 is now available on all platforms!  For football fans, the annual FIFA is more than the next part of the simulator of your favorite sports game. Mainly due to the fact that EA Sports does not just make football – it presents sports discipline as a festival. Instead of the boring “look, we’ve redrawn the interface and updated the lineups here”, FIFA literally launches fireworks in the sky and does not hesitate to throw players with all kinds of bonuses. This year, the football festival was no less bright than before.

The biggest change in FIFA is a completely different pace. The situation is a bit comical, as from year to year each version of EA futsim loses or adds to the dynamics. In the current case, the changes are due to the transition to a new system for calculating the physical parameters of players. We have already said that now every football player has values ​​for height and weight, on the basis of which the engine tries to give models on the field more personality. In fact, such a system somewhat slowed down the overall pace, but instead made the footballer’s movements smoother. If in FIFA 17 the forward jerks were black If it’s too rapid, now, while running into the penalty area, Ronaldo gently picks up speed.


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