Pirlo will appear in FIFA 20 as a legend

Pirlo will appear in FIFA 20 as a legend

EA Sports, the famous FIFA football simulator, has announced that former Italian midfielder Andrea Pirlo will appear in the new part of FIFA 20 as a legend. A complete list of legends that will be available to play in FIFA 20, EA Sports.

As for the visual part, then last year it was at its best. The animation looks extremely believable, and the faces of some players are difficult to distinguish from real ones. Fans have also become more lively, who begin to dodge the ball flying in them and generally behave like real people, and not like scenery. Pieces of grass fly out from under the feet of the players, which do not disappear until the end of the match. And at some points, the game does look like a normal football broadcast.

The game does not suffer from the drawbacks of game modes: in addition to the already mentioned storyline and required for such games quick matches, there is a mode of coaching career, seasons for certain football clubs, an incredible training mode, something like a football manager and a lot of everything and any taste. But the main dish is, of course, an online mode called FIFA Ultimate Team (abbreviated FUT). This feature has already become a whole phenomenon. Upon registration, each player receives FUT cards, which are greatly appreciated by fans of the game. In this mode, you can fight virtual players, participate in a series of tournaments and … spend money on microtransactions. I am always upset by the presence of microtransactions in the game, for which the player has already paid. This feature is well suited to free online projects, but not full-fledged games at the price of $ 60.


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