FIFA 20 – New Volta Game Mode Details

FIFA 20 – New Volta Game Mode Details

Developers from the studio EA Sports, which are engaged in the creation of the FIFA franchise, visited the Gamescom 2019 exhibition and showed the main innovations of the new part – Volta mode. In this mode, players have to move from noisy stadiums to city sites.

With the same physics of the ball and the same pace of the game, the range of applications for the short pass is still limited. Basically, it is needed to move to the opponent’s half of the field, if there is no pressure. In other cases, it is more efficient to draw triangles on the lawn with penetrating gears per stroke, and even with one touch. So the ball moves faster, and with proper execution at a time you can leave behind a whole line of three to five people.

The game begins with the Champions League final between Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain. So EA Sports unobtrusively recalls who now has a license for this and other (Europa League, UEFA Super Cup) tournaments. The menus with tactical settings were redrawn, making it more visual. Move any slider, and you will see on the animated field above how this will affect the arrangement and functions of the players.


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