Gamescom 2019 visitors were shown FIFA 20 gameplay

Gamescom 2019 visitors were shown FIFA 20 gameplay

The network began to appear new gameplay videos of the FIFA 20 football simulator recorded during the Gamescom 2019 exhibition. Gamers were presented with two modes, a team editor, exciting matches and one of the stadiums. Gamescom 2019 continues to shower us.

Each time you write a review of a sports simulator, you have to keep two facts in mind. First: this is a very conservative genre in which nothing special has happened for decades. Second: the production cycle of each license plate is less than a year – nothing by the standards of the industry. This teaches you to look carefully at the details.

But in the case of FIFA, the first and last impression is the same – the gameplay is almost an exact copy of the previous version. Here are the fast breakthroughs on the flanks with the right stick pushing the ball. Here are the castbacks for the defenders in order to get rid of their guardianship or advance into free zones. And here’s an ancient script that leads to systematic hits of the ball into the goal frame. Soon YouTube will be replenished with new videos of such strange moments, with sarcastic comments on them.


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