EA Sports signed a contract with Liverpool

EA Sports signed a contract with Liverpool

EA Sports Announces Long-Term Honeycomb Mining with Liverpool FC, the Champions League winner. The company also announced that instead of Juventus, a club called Piemonte Calcio will appear in FIFA 20.

The gameplay can not be attributed either to the pros or cons. EA introduced several new chips at once, which really make the game more interesting and require more skill. But all of them are insignificant and could be implemented better. For starters – by design: there are arenas in London, Tokyo, Barcelona and other major cities – and they really look different. See for yourself.

Now time-finishing is not so easy to use, since the green zone in the indicator strip has become noticeably smaller. Wild longshots stopped flying – according to impressions, it became completely unprofitable to beat them. Plus, goalkeepers really often save – so in Ultimate Team the first thing you buy is a strong keeper.


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