FIFA 20 Version Details for Nintendo Switch

FIFA 20 Version Details for Nintendo Switch

EA has posted a small FIFA 20 Legacy Edition FAQ for the Nintendo Switch. From it it became known that in the game career modes, Kick Off, licensed and custom tournaments, as well as online will be available.

The most popular Ultimate Team game mode has not changed much, except for a minor interface change, the addition of seasonal tasks and the emergence of new football stars, including Zinedine Zidane. Players now receive rewards for completing certain challenges. It was similar before, but now they have all been staffed in one separate section, in which you can see what tasks you need to complete to receive a particular award. EA promises to constantly update these seasons, introducing new challenges there.

FIFA 20 is definitely not a game that will take Electronic Arts virtual football to a new stage of development. In fact, this is just an improved FIFA 19, which in turn was an improved FIFA 18. Yes, there was a street football mode that EA honestly cut off from its own, now deceased, series of spin-offs. Otherwise, FIFA 20 is too little new, which will definitely upset those who expected the developers to have another breakthrough, comparable to switching to a new engine to zero. Well, you remember – never before has football been so similar to a real broadcast. Alas, this is not here. The rest is an ideal simulator for those who sincerely love one of the main team games on the planet.


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