In FIFA 20 goalkeepers will receive several behaviors

In FIFA 20 goalkeepers will receive several behaviors

In FIFA 20 we will be able to give tactical instructions to goalkeepers. EA Sports Studio announced that in the latest release of the FIFA series, players will be able to give goalkeepers a number of additional teams that will determine how they will behave in different ways.

An interesting innovation – now you can buy new players for your experience points (they are given for achievements in the game, not only in the Ultimate Team, but in general for everything: rabona, victory in career mode, passing the story). You can argue with many things, but one thing was shocking: to compliment the Volta storyline is either hidden trolling, or I don’t know what. I hope that the emotions of the new surroundings.

Initially, Volta seemed to be the same marketing as much else in FIFA. Remember FIFA Street: yes, it was fun, but it was wildly different from real football, which you played in boxes in the courtyards. It was much more like a conditional Tekken – memorize combinations of punches (and in our case, feints) and win. After the demo, everyone spat and said that the new futsal mode was terrible and terribly unfinished. It’s amazing how much you can refine in a couple of weeks!


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