In FIFA 20 Juventus will be replaced by Piemonte Calcio

In FIFA 20 Juventus will be replaced by Piemonte Calcio

EA Sports will replace Juventus in FIFA 20 at Piemonte Calcio due to termination of cooperation.

A more complex but interesting 1-in-1 combat system is for both attackers and defenders. For the first, Strafe Dribbling was invented. The essence of the trick: you roll the ball and wait for the opponent to rush at you. Forwarding, stroke – a favorite feint of yard dribblers. But here, too, FIFA seems to have blundered – the player with the ball backs back too quickly, which is wildly unrealistic. Plus, apparently, during strafe dribbling it is generally impossible to take the ball away.

But it’s now more difficult to beat on the forehead – the defense has the Controlled tackling skill. EA develops the theme with “press the right key on time” – now if you choose the right moment, you will win the ball. The football players themselves received more motion animations, and the ball, finally, was no longer stuffed with socks. The changes are pleasant, but – again – not global.


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