FIFA 20 system requirements announced

FIFA 20 system requirements announced

EA Sports has published the system requirements for the upcoming FIFA 20 football simulator. The release of the game is scheduled for September 27 on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms. The developers promise to introduce high-quality visual effects, improved ball physics.

Comparison with PES is all the same. This is Ilkay Gundogan from Manchester City. If anything, FIFA 20 is on the left. What happened to Bernardeschi? Someone will say that Konami has an advantage: a 3D scan of the faces of Juventus players due to a partnership agreement. Just a year ago, FIFA also conducted a 3D scan. And where is the result?

FIFA has always been more about attack than about defense. Defenders sometimes slow down so that gamepads suffer around the world. But now EA even on the official website claims that AI has become much smarter in defense. I didn’t. The gaps between midfield and defense are huge. The four (five) defenders are so wide that you can hold a company of soldiers between them. Free zones – a bunch. It seems that you are not playing against Real Madrid and Liverpool, but against the national team of the Volzhanochka brewery. In general, saturate the support zone, as in FIFA 19, but you can forget about the flanks.


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