There will be no microtransactions on FIFA Volta release

There will be no microtransactions on FIFA Volta release

FIFA Volta is one of the biggest innovations in FIFA 20. And although the mode will come with a whole set of items for customization, FIFA Volta will not have microtransactions – at least on the release of the game.

The new part of FIFA was initially positioned by the developers as if it was not just another release of a popular sports simulator, but something more. The creators focused on the new Volta Football mode. The word Volta is translated from Portuguese as “return”, and the name itself refers us to the half-forgotten pilot project FIFA Street. Talking about the game, its creators emphasized that FIFA 20 should show all critics: football simulations are not as monotonous as they might seem from the outside.

This time, EA Sports team not only traditionally brought a number of significant changes and improvements to the new part, but also told the story of how a simple guy who chased a ball in the yard, grew and became a professional football player. A simple guy is, as everyone already guessed, the player himself.


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