FIFA 20 Demo Released

FIFA 20 Demo Released

All fans of virtual football, and in particular FIFA 20, today will be able to test the demo version of the next part of the cycle. Although most likely only the most devoted fans of the game will test it, because everyone else will test the competitor – eFootball.

The conflict revolves around a team whose captain was seriously injured. Actually, just because of this, the team broke up, and some of the players went to other teams – but not you. You decided to stay, and now you need to collect a new composition of dreams in order to catch the important tournament. And for the sake of this, you have to drive the ball on the picturesque and unlike each other amateur football fields in various parts of the world. If most professional stadiums are still very similar to each other, then every next match brings surprises: you find yourself either on the roof of the Tokyo skyscraper, then under the scorching sun of Rio de Janeiro.

And so that you are even more inspired by the fate of yard players, in Volta you can customize each player in the team: change the celebration of goals, appearance and even the characteristics of athletes. So the player can collect several setups for different situations at once. For example, a feature of one set will be a strong emphasis on playing the pass. And the other, on the contrary, was created only in order to hammer a ball into the opponent’s goal with one successful blow.


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