The gameplay of the new regime in FIFA 20

The gameplay of the new regime in FIFA 20

IGN showed Mystery Ball – an experimental mode in which the ball at certain intervals will give players improved performance. For example, increase dribbling abilities, impact power, movement speed, etc.

Having approached the penalty box, the easiest way to complete the attack is from the “dead spots”, from where the attacks are almost never taken (although, of course, there remains a chance to hit the post). Even after a long break, your fingers will surely “remember” when to press the button to skillfully put the ball into the corner furthest from the goalkeeper. Add to this the ability to hit the bottom, holding three buttons, and consider that on the gate no one else. In the penalty area goalkeepers hardly reflect such strikes, even if they are weak and fly into them.

True, the goal still has to be hit, which is not so simple with the new two-button strike system. The second press increases accuracy and strength, for this on a special scale (visible with the trainer option turned on) you need to catch the slider in the green zone. But even this does not guarantee that you will not miss the slaughter position. Then why complicate it? Fortunately, the options allow you to switch to the standard mode of impact.


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