FIFA 20 – 11 minutes of gameplay in Volta mode

FIFA 20 – 11 minutes of gameplay in Volta mode

Electronic Arts brought the demo version of FIFA 20 to Gamescom, where it showed several new modes at once. So, visitors to the exhibition and journalists were able to look at one of the first tests of the Volta street football story campaign, as well as the Mystery Ball mode.

The tactical defense system introduced last season continues to storm. That opposite team presses around the perimeter of the field, clings to each ball, strictly keeps the line and catches in offside traps (especially if you get carried away with cutting gears). And then she is constrained by apathy: the players abandon the zone, do not intercept the readable passes, almost do not go into the selections, are passive with backache and canopies in their own penalty box.

This does not mean that the “Tactical Defense” copes worse with the offensive actions of the player. Even without progress for a year, she still surprises with the speed and (sometimes) cunning of thought, the ability to get out of pressure or impose it on an opponent, rebuilding during a duel.


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