FIFA 19 vs FIFA 20 – graphical comparison of the faces of players

FIFA 19 vs FIFA 20 – graphical comparison of the faces of players

Before the premiere of the next game of the most popular football series FIFA 20, a little more than a month remains. People who are waiting for the game will clearly be interested in the video material prepared by the ZAN OMG Youtube channel, with a demonstration of the improvements in the players’ faces.

A touching curtsy towards the Battle Royale is Survival, where the scoring team loses the player (but not the goalkeeper). Participants are not allowed to minimize: they remove up to four on each side for the corresponding number of goals. Also provided for two deletions for gross fouls, after the third team the defeat is counted. If the soul asks for more chaos, choose a match without offsides, fouls and, accordingly, cards.

Among online modes, the heart of EA Sports has long been given to the Ultimate Team. Numerous tests on the spot, rewards for them, too, the transfer market is in full swing from deals, and in Squad Battles, as before, they allow other users to play with clubs. Above all this stands the FUT Champions tournament, where the best of the best compete, and getting there is easier through Division Rivals. In the new mode, participants are divided into divisions corresponding to m their skill level, so that the matches are equal and intense. Wins increase the rating and allow you to compete with stronger opponents, and most importantly – bring points that can be spent on participation in the Weekend League, the qualifying round of FUT Champions.


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