New FIFA 20 Cinematic Trailer

New FIFA 20 Cinematic Trailer

The latest FIFA 20 trailer gives an idea of ​​how player ratings are determined.

The most important and perhaps the only significant innovation in FIFA 20 was the street football mode under the catchy name Volta. In fact, we are talking about an advanced version of FIFA Street sample 2012. In this mode, matches are held in the formats 3 by 3, 4 by 4 and 5 by 5. But, unlike big football, where there is a place for tactics, the main thing in Volta is to react and make feints on time.

However, this regime also has a plot, though you should not expect revelations from it. The story tells about a street football team dreaming of breaking into a big tournament. To achieve this goal, the heroes must win in various cities of the planet, as well as overcome internal problems in the team, because of which its composition is decomposed. Scene mode takes about 5-6 hours and leaves no interesting events in mind. Even last year’s The Journey mode looked much better.


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