In the FIFA trailer, they found a funny bug – the footballer’s hand grew in foot

In the FIFA trailer, they found a funny bug – the footballer’s hand grew in foot

Yesterday, the publisher of Electronic Arts announced the FIFA 20 simulator. The developers promised us a completely new, ‘authentic’, gaming experience and many new products.

And most importantly – the gameplay. We got a pleasant mode, where they rule not only tricks and strokes, but also competent construction of attacks and defense. The only downside is that goalkeepers, unlike big football, generally cease to drag strikes. It’s funny when the conditional Alisson repels everything on the big gate and misses on the small ones. The main holiday for football fans of the old world is, of course, the Champions League and the Europa League. The best European teams compete among themselves for the title of the best on the continent, while, as you know, the winner of the Europa League gets the right to play next year in the most prestigious European tournament – the Champions League.

The Volta seems to be far more realistic than any of the previous parts of FIFA Streets. If in FIFA Streets feints were everything, then in Volta it will be much more important for you to learn how to beat accurately, pass correctly and move, predicting the opponent’s movements. There is a place for aesthetics and a well-thought-out strategy. And if you are too lazy to memorize combinations of feints, this does not mean that you will lose to everyone. There are still problems: for example, strikes right away seem to be too strong. But EA must fix this quickly.


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