FIFA 20: all the beauty of the Bundesliga

FIFA 20: all the beauty of the Bundesliga

At Gamescom, the developers of the new Fifa 20 showed all the beauty of the Bundesliga and it looks gorgeous.

Instead of patching small, but annoying holes in the AI, the developers chose to increase the pressure on you. Now the opponent behaves tougher on the field, more often goes into joints and tackles, much more often clings to your soccer player in order to rob him of the ball or at least slow him down. The outcome of the confrontation is determined by the 50/50 Battles system, which takes into account the characteristics and behavior of the players. But, firstly, this is imperceptible when riding a horse: here, the one who chose the right position, and not the one who is higher or stronger, still wins. And secondly, this hidden mathematics is not always clear: a small striker can push his elbows with a powerful defender on equal terms for a long time and even save or take away the ball.

But it has become easier to practice the tactics of a small foul, so popular among the middle class RPL. You cling to the opponent’s T-shirt like a bulldog, and you don’t let him run away. Judges are quite loyal to such tricks, although they are interpreted by the rules as a failure of the attack and should be punished with cards.


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