FIFA 20: Legacy Edition was the low estimate game Switch users

FIFA 20: Legacy Edition was the low estimate game Switch users

last week saw the release of FIFA 20, and on the whole was about the same as in previous years, EA Sports has added new content, expanded capabilities and earned approximately the same estimates as in the past.

What can be said about Switch-version FIFA 20.

the So-called FIFA 20: Legacy Edition Switch to have collected a decent portion of the negative on Metacritic, so now she has the lowest user rating in the history of all the games on Switch — 0.1/10. Obviously this is not quite an accurate assessment, since even the average rating of critics is at the level of 44/100, but this year review-the bombing made a truly catastrophic scale.

If IGN, in its review, noted that this year FIFA on Swich was lower than the adequate level, representing all the worst that we have heard about how sports simulators repeatedly use content from year to year. The reviewer added that the failure to innovate disappoint, and even comes to the insults.

At the same time users are a lot tougher. Someone says it is FIFA 19 with another picture, the other is called EA Sports are lazy, and others accuse the developers that they don’t listen to the feedback of the audience.

All this clearly shows that EA it’s time to think seriously about the future of FIFA. Even if fans continue to buy the game, millions of habit.


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