EA promised to fix the problems of the career regime of FIFA 20. After some time

EA promised to fix the problems of the career regime of FIFA 20. After some time

The FIFA20 release has been pretty much overshadowed by technical issues. In particular, players noted an abundance of bugs in the single-player career mode, and also complained about the strange and even sometimes inappropriate behavior of the players under the control of artificial intelligence.

The development paths are obvious: even more sites, new feints, rule sets, expanding the assortment of the store. Alternative to Ultimate Team? If players appreciate this mode, then why not? The interface is still far from ideal, but this has not bothered developers for a long time. After winning the online match, you can recruit one player from the opposing team, but in case of defeat you will have to say goodbye to someone from your

So far, not everything is so smooth, of course, it’s easy to notice that VOLTA is just an experiment for EA Sports. The interface lacks informativeness, and the mode itself lacks depth, when compared with the same FUT. There are bugs among which I got the worst – at first I was simply not allowed into VOLTA, although all other modes worked fine. I was cured by installing another copy of FIFA 20 on a fresh Origin account – thanks to the editors. What to do for those who do not have an editorial office or an extra three or four thousand rubles (judging by the technical support forums, I am not the only one who has encountered a similar problem) – the question is open.


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