In the new FIFA 20 mode, they do not plan to add microtransactions

In the new FIFA 20 mode, they do not plan to add microtransactions

FIFA 2020 developers do not plan to add microtransactions to Volta street football mode at the time of release. The player will be able to earn all things through in-game tasks. This was stated by FIFA producer Jeff Antwy.

All this, however, does not solve the main problem of “History” – linearity. Rare fateful decisions do not have serious consequences, all players will have approximately the same passage. To match it, answer options in dialogs that determine the character’s character and affect only the number of his subscribers in social networks, that is, in fact, nothing. But if you discard the absurd attempts by EA Sports to play in non-linearity, it’s worth admitting that the trilogy finale was a success. As a whole story mode.

FIFA 19 is difficult to perceive as a full-fledged part, even against the backdrop of FIFA 18, but it is also an intermediate one. None of the innovations transforms the game significantly, and some of them (50/50 Battles) are more like marketing bait. At the same time, a wide selection of licenses and modes can convince even those who missed the latest releases to buy the game. And you don’t need to convince the fans, for them FIFA – in spite of everything, the only right football simulator on the market.


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