The first FIFA 20 ratings from the players were negative

The first FIFA 20 ratings from the players were negative

On the first day after the release of FIFA 20, users left a lot of negative reviews about the game. The ranking of the football simulator on Metacritic was 3.2 points out of 10.

The new system of calculating the physics of football players allowed artificial intelligence to more adequately respond to what is happening during the match. The classic FIFA story is that you are yelling at computer partners who suddenly stopped moving a millisecond before your canopy and went into an incomprehensible position. In FIFA 18, your players often open up for gear, trying their best to get away from the opponent. However, subjectively, forwards began to run offside more often, even with standard tactics in the settings.

The ball became significantly heavier and sometimes behaves completely unpredictably. The fact is that smooth animation does not work one hundred percent – sometimes Juan Mata can not quite accept the usual pass of the feet. It seems that the world-class midfielder is simply too lazy to raise his leg, and in the meantime the ball bounces off his knee. And the goalkeeper, instead of bending over the ball, just stands by a pillar and misses a very easy serve between the legs. Once again, such things rarely happen, but during the most ordinary passes. On the other hand, the interceptions have become more effective: in the selection of football players are not shy about swinging limbs. Because of this, by the way, your imbal FIFA 17 ball defense tactic no longer works. Now it’s not enough just to close the ball with the body – it needs to be additionally removed with the foot from the opponent’s attack.


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