FIFA 20 Free Trial Available to EA Access Subscribers

FIFA 20 Free Trial Available to EA Access Subscribers

EA Access subscribers have access to a free 10-hour trial version of FIFA 20 a week before the game.

Sportsyms are a separate phenomenon in the context of the entire gaming industry. New releases of large franchises are released every year, but serious changes in each subsequent iteration of the same project can be counted on the fingers of one hand. In fact, the publisher sells the game service subscription over and over again – and in any other situation, the fans would be furious about such a policy. But judging by the sales of the FIFA series, the football community is not too opposed to this state of affairs.

This year, the creators of FIFA 20, too, could easily do without some grandiose innovations. By They would pull the Ultimate Team, modify some gameplay mechanics, take a couple of leagues from a competitor, and that’s all. But they added a new Volta mode to the game – and this is perhaps the best thing that has happened to the series in recent years. Who would have thought that it was street football that would finally move the FIFA evolution process off the ground?


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