First FIFA 20 ratings

First FIFA 20 ratings

The first FIFA 20 ratings began to appear on the network. Many say that the new Volta ‘game mode has become a breath of fresh air for the series. Below are the ratings of some gaming publications. The game will be available on September 27 at all leading.

In other modes, FIFA 18 has acquired a couple of little things. Squad Battles have appeared in the Ultimate Team, allowing you to challenge a random FUT roster to an offline duel. Honestly, such a system would look better in offline divisions: it is much more interesting to fight with the teams that the real person made up. Cards with legendary football players are now presented in three forms – each of them shows a player in a certain period of his life. By the way, one card will be especially desirable for football lovers from the CIS: the developers have finally added Lev Yashin to the game.

FIFA is impressive in detail. Moreover, both gameplay and visual. Take at least the possibility of quick replacement: after missed moments, a special icon appears that allows you to quickly remove the offending player from the field. In the case of divisions, you rarely use such a thing – unless in cases where your striker cannot run away the entire match. But in the fast play mode during friendly gatherings, such a function very cool saves time and does not slow down the rhythm of the game.


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