How not to lose to an esportsman in FIFA 20? Just don't give him the ball

How not to lose to an esportsman in FIFA 20? Just don't give him the ball

Professional player FeyLars rolled the ball in their own half of the field during the qualifiers for the FIFA 20 tournament. He owned the ball 95% of the time, but only attacked in the last seconds of the halves. His opponent Marius Prohunter posted a video.

They say that you need to play FIFA with passes per year. Then the innovations will seem much more, during the break it will be possible to take a break from virtual football to refresh the sensations, and the savings will be decent. It’s no secret that EA, in fact, sells a subscription to the futsim service, disguising it as the annual release of a separate game. This service, of course, is multiplayer – first of all, it’s about the FIFA Ultimate Team mode, which has become a real paradise (or hell – how to look) for any football ludomaniac.

Here, most of the new products are aimed specifically at the development of this same “service”. Significantly expanded the set of tasks, which from primitive training turned into a whole system, with which we are encouraged to play regularly. In addition to daily and weekly assignments, there are seasonal and dynamic ones. The former serve to track development over one season (the first of which ends in October), while the latter are not tied to dates and will reflect important events in the football world. The rewards for completing assignments are the same – packs of players and items, FUT coins and experience for development in the season.


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