FIFA 20 Critical Reviews: Exclusion from Electronic Arts Rules

FIFA 20 Critical Reviews: Exclusion from Electronic Arts Rules

FIFA 20 will hit the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC only on September 24, but journalists have already managed to play and put their marks on the football arcade.

The gameplay was on duty updated on trifles: for example, the protection system is now much more “manual” than before. More precisely, she reveals herself much better if you take control of the defenders under your own control. If before that the computer itself chose the best moment for selection, now defenders under the control of AI do it much less efficiently: they usually stay at a distance from the enemy, and they do not move as fast as before. This means that it is more profitable for a player not to trust artificial intelligence and to choose the moment for selection himself.

The very pace of matches has become noticeably slower than before. Of course, FIFA 20 is still more dynamic than the same PES, but the feel of the game has changed a lot. For example, one-on-one confrontations have become much more important than in the previous ten issues. But at the same time, even the coolest football players, for example, Ronaldo or Messi, are not able to beat all opponents with the help of feints: now every new trick in the series increases the chances of a mistake in geometric progression. This, of course, will upset some of the players very much: many probably liked to play the role of a strong loner, who bears the success of the whole team on their shoulders.


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