North opens FIFA division

North opens FIFA division

2014 FIFA World Champion August Agge Rosenmeier becomes North player. The club announced this on the team site.

With the advent of Rosenmeier, North became multi-gaming – since January 2017, the organization was represented only by the Danish CS: GO roster. The owners of the club are FC Copenhagen and the film company Nordisk Film. The training base of the team is located in the home arena of Copenhagen – Parken.

Agge began his career in 2013. Before moving to North, the Dane played for Copenhagen Wolves, Paris Saint-Germain and Hashtag United. In 2014, Rosenmeier won the official FIFA World Championship – Interactive World Cup 2014. He also won the ESWC 2015 Paris Games Week and Legia Esports Cup 2016. Since 2015, he has been an athlete of Red Bull in e-sports.


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