FIFA 20 – leaks from the closed beta version of the game

FIFA 20 – leaks from the closed beta version of the game

FIFA 20 closed beta testing began, and fragments of the gameplay from the game immediately got into the network. In particular manager personalization and new models of player faces. One of the leaks is the Isco footballer (Real Madrid player and national team).

Several main characters are designed primarily to dilute the monotony inherent in previous series. Characters have different positions, and therefore, tasks on the field, different skills and overall rating, even pumping is done in different ways. Hunter, as a star, is hard enough to train and build relationships with mentors to learn from their skills. Danny and Kim, in addition, must gain experience points and spend them on special skills, choosing skills in their tree.

FIFA 19 Russian voices George Cherdantsev and Konstantin Genich are still not very talkative and, sometimes, are mistaken. In contrast with them are English commentators. Now they are twice as many: Derek Ray and Lee Dixon were invited to voice the Champions League. When forming the initial squad, Ultimate Team offers five cards with top players, but only one will be allowed to pick up.


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